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Visit Earth's Treasures in Downtown Bozeman for more information on area Rock Hounding, necessary equipment and amazing mineral specimens!

Bozeman is blessed with many wonderfully different ways to enjoy the outdoors; a typical Bozemanite exercises this privilege on a regular basis. Rockhounding is a fun and enjoyable way for the whole family
to spend time together. Rockhounding is, by definition, the collecting of rocks and minerals from their natural environment. Thus, a rockhound can be born at any age by simply picking up an interesting stone. There is no educational level, dollar amount or age requirement to begin collecting. And the potential to find something of monetary value in our mountains has a definite appeal. After all, we’re called the Treasure State for a reason.

Southwest Montana has many, many rocks and minerals to find. Numerous books are
available outlining where to go and what to find in Montana. Gold, in particular, is very popular now as it hovers around $1,600 per ounce. Although more rare, Hyalite Opal, Montana Moonstone and Dogtooth Calcite can also be found around Bozeman. Earth’s Treasures has informational books, maps, supplies, free handouts, and rough and cleaned specimens displayed to further help you in your hounding. Most importantly, we have a knowledgeable staff that is waiting to help you initiate your rockhounding pedigree.

By Patti Albrecht, Owner of Earth’s Treasures

25 N. Wilson Ave.
Bozeman, MT.


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